CLOSED HANDS is a groundbreaking work of interactive fiction by PASSENGER, directed by Dan Hett. The game follows the deep intertwined stories of five people thrown together by their involvement in a fictional terror attack.

The game plays out through a combination of traditional interactive text, as well as explorable computer interfaces, conversations, IM's, phonecalls and more. CLOSED HANDS is a fragmented and complex narrative, playable in any order, that tells the story of the lead-up and aftermath of the attack: some stories go forward in time, some backwards, and some both. Players can choose to follow a single narrative arc, or jump between perspectives to get the full picture of the narrative.

CLOSED HANDS is a desktop experience, playable on Windows, Mac OS and Linux and distributed on

Game features:

  • A rich, deep work of interactive fiction - 130,000+ words across almost 150 scenes written by Dan Hett, Dan Whitehead, Sharan Dhaliwal and Umar Ditta
  • Five distinct intertwining character arcs, and dozens of additional scenes to fill out the full story. Follow a single character, or move between them to understand the full picture.
  • Nine possible endings to the game, with non-linear progression to get there. Discover everything by experimenting with key character decisions.
  • Features a dynamic ambient soundtrack by Ciaran McAuley (RUMA) that reacts to tension and events within the game as it unfolds
  • Game theme music composed and performed by Paul Wolinski (65daysofstatic, No Man's Sky)

The work will launch as an online exhibition hosted by the arts centre HOME via as a part of PUSH festival, launching on the 5th March 2021.

CLOSED HANDS is proudly supported by Arts Council England, and is free to download forever - players can still support us by optional paying whatever they wish on Thanks for playing.

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